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New Zealand is known for its major tourist attraction centers and is globally loved for the natural beauty of its lands. It has two main islands, the South and the North, and it borders the Pacific Ocean. One of the factors contributing to New Zealand’s beauty is water body masses which give New Zealand a lovely and attractive appearance, drawing tourists from across the globe.

Here are some of the water bodies found in New Zealand:

This is proven to be the largest mass of water in New Zealand due to the large surface area it covers. It is located on the North Island and is just next to some stone carvings known as Maori. Since it is located on a volcano (within its caldera), the stone carvings are known to prevent any volcanic activity from occurring in the lake. The stone carvings are also very popular as they are an amusing site The lake is also the home to some marine creatures such as the crayfish and the rainbow trout.

Lake Wanaka is found on the South Island and is known to be the 4th largest mass of water in New Zealand as a study shows. It is approximated to be about 27 miles long. This feature has caused it to be very popular among visiting foreigners and also the locals. The name ‘Wanaka ‘ is said to have originated from one of the rulers of the surrounding region.

This lake is found near the South Island to the East. It has its unique features, that is, it is shallow yet very broad. It also borders the Pacific ocean except that there is a small piece of land lying in between it and The Pacific ocean. It has River Selwyn as its main source river.

This is well known for its large water volume capacity; it holds the largest volume of water of all the lakes in New Zealand. It is also renown for it being the 2nd largest lake in New Zealand in terms of its surface area it covers.


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